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Emily Williams
Editor In Chief

Emily is a Geography graduate from Durham University. After finishing her degree, her keen sense of adventure led her to explore the world through Southern India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Australia. 

Her spontaneous journey inspired her to pursue her passion for travel and love of writing on her return.

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Vanessa Donkoh
Fashion & Beauty Editor

Her love of all things beauty lead her to join the team. Inspired by her favourite cosmetologists on YouTube, Vanessa is passionate about shimmering eye-shadows, highlighters and other cosmetics. 

It is her aim to share this passion with us all.

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Jack Taylor
Creative Director

Jack is a graduate of Falmouth University with a bachelor’s degree in Fine Art. Prior to this, he received a foundation diploma in Art and Design from the University for the Creative Arts. 

Jack’s interests lie in the arts, travelling and culture.

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Anthony Baines
Commercial Director

Despite the malcontent persona of an evil Viking that he once portrayed in film, Tony is thrilled to be a part of an industry that makes people happy. 

One of his most treasured memories is seeing the Northern Lights on his wedding anniversary in Reyjavik.

For commercial opportunities: tony@dwha.co.uk
+44(0)203 950 0240

For general enquiries: info@dwha.co.uk
+44(0)203 950 0492