ITB Berlin
The World at your feet...


Emily Williams, 12th March 2018

'The name ITB Berlin stands for a unique success story which was made in Berlin'

The team at DWHA have just returned from a fantastic few days at ITB Berlin. 
Here, the world is a stage and you can quite literally travel the globe all in one place...

ITB (Internationale Tourismus-Börse Berlin) is a true success story that dates back to humble beginnings in 1966. What was at first a small scale event with five participating countries and 250 trade visitors, has grown exponentially into a global triumph.

Just over five decades later, it is now renowned as the world’s leading travel and tourism trade show that hosts over 10,000 exhibitors, covers five continents and welcomes over 160,000 visitors through its doors each year.

It is a thriving business platform and marketplace for the global tourism trade, an industry that generates approximately 10.2% of our global GDP (WTC, 2016).

The showground itself is enormous at 160,000m2, and getting lost in the labyrinth of halls is almost always guaranteed...

If navigating through this maze wasn’t enough of a handful as is, the endless pockets of entertainment in each room will distract and stray you from your path. From small singing groups and traditional dancing displays, to exquisite food samples and indigenous artistic demonstrations, fitting everything into a few days is no easy task!

The time and creativity that is put into each exhibit is utterly mesmerising and can leave you feeling as though you have been transported to distant lands far beyond the Berlin wall.

ITB is a sensational celebration of what makes this planet so unique.


Divided by regions and themes, you can experience a new culture in every exhibition hall

'It was an interesting experience for me to work at this international exhibition. I’m glad to be a part of this team'

There is no better way to network, collect endless new ideas and learn from inspirational encounters with the eclectic mix of businesses and cultures found at ITB. What we love most about our time spent at this event is building new connections, as well as spending time with clients who we have long-lasting relationships with.

So, after a successful trip to Germany, and a well-deserved weekend of rest, DWHA have landed safely back in London and are ready to hit the ground running on our upcoming Royal special for May/ June 2018…

We had a stimulating and inspiring time in Berlin and are excited to embark on new projects. Thank you ITB, and we hope to see you all again next year!

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